The Industry's Leading Drum Enclosures

Isolate the sound of your drum kit. Beautifully!

When trying to achieve sound isolation of your drum kit in order to gain control of stage volume, turn to a company whose drum enclosure was designed by audio designers and acousticians.

Our drum enclosures provide exceptional acoustic separation—and striking good looks.

We created a line of drum enclosures to help churches, schools, and entertainment venues with sound isolation of their drum kits. Our enclosures offer acoustical separation between instruments on stage or in a studio environment. This helps to reduce drums' bleed-over into vocal or instrument microphones, which in turn lowers volume and allows much better audio control.

In addition, our enclosures are designed to blend into stage environments but serve as a performance showpiece while being incredibly attractive live and on camera. See the specifications below for the DE-360 and DE-360 Squared. Experience what others have referred to as an “industry leading” drum enclosure by ordering yours today.

The DE-360 is 7'-0" in diameter by 6"-9" tall and is designed to fit through a standard 6’-11” doorway. The enclosure weighs 432 pounds assembled.
Our DE-360 Squared units are designed as an additional option from our standard DE-360 circular enclosures. The square back units allow for more interior space and a totally different look. The DE-360 Squared measures 7′-0” wide, 7’-0” deep, 6′-9” tall, and is designed to fit through a standard 6’-11” door. It weighs 465 pounds assembled.
Our drum enclosures' materials of construction, design options, and vast array of other features lead the industry:

Made with Lexan material that eliminates cracking
Exquisite, industry-leading acoustic qualities
Large 3'-0" doors that close quietly and allow for easy unloading and loading of equipment
Lockable casters from the outside
Evenly spaced pillars
Smart floor pockets
Powder coating and multiple trim options

Customize your drum enclosure with more options.

  1. Second door to front for quicker/easier access to drum & audio setup
  2. Video friendly, batch-tested LED lighting
  3. Upgraded vinyl options for top/bottom bands of your enclosure

"Paragon 360 knows the language of the church culture. The fact that they did it all with a turn-key approach allowed for more of a partnership."

The Paragon 360 Approach

Our holistic approach gives you peace of mind that every aspect of our work supports your vision.

From high performance audio, video and lighting systems to auditorium design, acoustics, seating, and custom fabrication, we’re proud to offer an extraordinary breadth of services not found anywhere else in our industry. Our turn-key, design/build services offer more holistically designed systems, greater flexibility, cost savings, and confidence in your investment. Most importantly, you gain the benefit of single-source accountability—and the work of one company whose experience and support you can truly lean on to make your vision come to life. Simply put, at Paragon 360, we create WOW!