Springfield, MO

Double Tree Hotel Convention Center

O'Reilly Hospitality Management calls on Paragon 360 for custom design & installation of acoustical island ceiling panels

Project Type

  • Corporate


  • Acoustics


  • Springfield, MO

Project Overview

When you're serious about the marriage of acoustics and aesthetics, Paragon 360 has custom solutions. O’Reilly Hospitality Management in Springfield MO was founded in 2007 by CEO Tim O’Reilly. The company has gone from managing one hotel, to over 1,400 team members managing hotel properties all across the US. Their focus has been on giving back to communities, becoming a leader in sustainability, and providing world class services in exceptional environments. In 2018 O’Reilly Hospitality Management announced plans to open a new, world class convention center at the DoubleTree hotel in Springfield, MO. Mr. O’Reilly turned to Paragon 360 for unique solutions that would control acoustics in the rooms while paying great attention to the aesthetics of the space.

In a convention center space with large open rooms, the ceilings have to be dealt with acoustically” explained Donnie Brawner, Paragon 360 CEO. The design, fabrication and install of twenty eight custom Fabri-Clouds was all done by Paragon 360. The lightweight, yet extremely sturdy, island ceiling clouds included penetration points for custom lighting and sprinkler heads. The entire 10,000 sq. ft room was filled with multiple, overlapping Fabri-Clouds of various sizes, at different elevations, providing excellent acoustics with rich aesthetic value. The panels have done an excellent job of controlling the room while simultaneously enhancing the beauty.

“These floating clouds are a first of it’s kind installation and I am absolutely thrilled with the final product.”

-Gene Douglas, Design Professional at Hood-rich Architecture