Muskogee, ok

first baptist church muskogee

A great example of respecting history of the facility, adding tasteful modern improvements, while fulfilling the churches needs for the next several decades. Paragon 360 transformed the space from AVL to scenic, acoustics, seating and architectural design services.

Project Type

  • Houses of Worship 500+


  • Audio
  • Scenic Elements
  • Seating
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Interior Design
  • Acoustics
  • Rigging
  • Staging


  • Muskogee, OK

Full-Scale Renovation

Paragon 360 was contracted by First Baptist Church Muskogee in Muskogee, OK, for a Sanctuary Renovation Project in 2017 with project completion in Fall of 2018. The church desperately needed to renovate the space while maintaining the heritage of the church and much of the existing architecture. Paragon 360 recommended a wholesale change that would involve seating, color schemes, a change in the acoustical feel of the space, opening the lobby up to the sanctuary and all new AVL systems. In an effort to strengthen the coordination and control cost, Paragon 360 brought the architectural services to the project as well through its architectural partner, Torgerson Design Partners.

Spectacular Audio

The audio system was designed to not only provide amazing sound, but also compliment the historical elements of the sanctuary. The main audio system consists of an 8-box hang of Worx Audio XL1 line array modules with two Presonus SL328A for out fill coverage. Sub bass is provided by a single Worx Audio TL218 “Super Sub” positioned directly behind the array. The under balcony areas of the sanctuary are covered by 14 Vue e-352s, and a single XL1 is flown behind the main array for choir monitoring.

Front of House and Broadcast Audio consoles are Soundcraft Si Performer’s connected to a mini stage box located just off of the sanctuary platform. Dante cards were installed for additional capability of transporting audio between the two consoles. In-ear monitoring for the musicians is provided by a Dante enabled Klang Fabrick system teamed up with Shure PSM300 wireless systems. This allows for seamless personal monitoring during worship and any other musical events held in the sanctuary.

"The greatest transformation here is the audio. We have people who have turned off their hearing aids and they hear better with them off. I can’t believe it. We are thrilled with the sound."

Stunning Video Image Using An Absen LED Wall

The sanctuary of FBC Muskogee presented a challenge for video presentation, as large stained-glass windows line the sides of the worship center. To help overcome the natural light in the room, Paragon replaced the existing projection screens with Absen Acclaim 3.8mm pitch LED walls. This provides crisp display of lyrics and full screen graphics without covering the stained glass, and creates stunning visual imagery that can be seen throughout the sanctuary.

For streaming services and special events at FBC Muskogee, Paragon 360 designed and installed a production system captures the room through five Panasonic HE40 robotic cameras, complimented by a single manned Panasonic camera on the main floor. Video signal is routed through an AJA 16x16 SDI router, and streaming video is switched on a Ross Carbonite Black Solo. Four Panasonic professional displays provide IMAG video and lyrics under the balcony. This allows state-of-the-art video streaming capability for any activity taking place in the sanctuary.


The lighting system includes RGBW houselights from the Chroma-Q Inspire series. The platform is lit entirely by Chauvet products, including the Ovation 910FC LED ellipsoidals, Rogue R2 Wash moving heads, and Maverick MK2 spots. All stage lights are hung from motorized truss that utilizes an SSRC Pantograph cable management system on position. Paragon also included a power infrastructure using ETC Echo Relay Panels. The entire system is controlled by a Hog 4 Hoglet and Hog 4 PC setup, as well as Doug Fleenor Design 2 and 10 button wall stations for easy lighting control when the console is not in use. This lighting system allows the sanctuary to be bathed in multiple lighting scenarios while incorporating the stained glass windows around the top of the room, bringing together a perfect blend of modern and historical lighting elements.

"Having Paragon provide the architectural services through their partner, Torgerson design partners, made for a very seamless experience that was a real advantage to us. Paragon has the expertise, knowledge and just seems to have a handle on everything it takes to transform these spaces."

More Than AVL

It takes much more than audio, video and lighting to change the experience in a space especially when much of the original architecture is remaining. At FBC Muskogee, Paragon also provided auditorium seating with pew ends allowing it to blend well with the more traditional style. Automated blinds at all of the stain glass windows allow for blocking of the natural light when necessary. Through its interior design services, Paragon changed the color scheme and all flooring throughout the space and opened up the lobby to the sanctuary making it feel bigger and more inviting. Acoustical elements were provided throughout the entire room blending in to the new color schemes and updating the feel. Torgerson Design Partners, Paragon's architectural partner provided all of the master planning and architectural design services for the project.